Who is Midwinter?

Midwinter is a progression focused raiding guild on Sargeras.  If you are looking for a guild with a relaxed and positive raid environment and a clearly defined schedule that still pushes new content as quickly as possible then Midwinter is the Place for you.

During progression we raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. We add a 4th raiding day during progression on the first week of Mythic raiding and up to 2 more additional days throughout the duration of the raid tier. These additional flex days would occur on either Wednesday or Monday. We will also day raid Mythic Tuesdays of new raid tiers if people want and are able to. We will rarely go past our raid time. We might have a pull go 5-10 min past the end of raid occasionally, but most of us work in the morning and are eager to end on time.

Current recruitment needs are displayed on the front page of our website or Wowprogress, but we are always interested in exceptional applicants.  If you are a class that is listed as closed on our website, but feel that you can compete with our current members, feel free to submit an application for our consideration.

Past Achievements:
-US 9th Mythic Argus
-US 18th Mythic Kil'jaeden
-US 38th Mythic Gul'dan

Hardcore 7 Raids/Week Era:

-US 3rd/World 12th Mythic Helya
-US 2nd/World 11th Mythic Xavius

Warlords of Draenor

-US 4th/World 25th Mythic Archimonde
-US 1st/World 4th Mythic Mannoroth
-US 1st/World 3rd Mythic Blackhand
-US 1st/World 3rd Mythic Blast Furnace
-World 1st Mythic Iron Maidens

 Mists of Pandaria

-US 2nd/World 5th Heroic Garrosh Hellscream 
-US 2nd/World 3rd Heroic Siegecrafter Blackfuse
-US 2nd/World 4th Heroic Ra-den (25)
-US 2nd/World 5th Heroic Lei Shen (25)
-US 4th Heroic Sha of Fear (25)
-US 4th Heroic Grand Empress Shek'zeer
-US 4th Heroic Will of the Emperor


-US 6th Heroic Madness of Deathwing (25)
-US 5th Heroic Spine of Deathwing (25)
-US 10th Heroic Ragnaros (25)
-US 10th Sinestra (25)
-US 8th Heroic Al'Akir (25)
-US 7th Heroic Nefarian (25)

 Wrath of the Lich King

-US 10th Heroic Halion (25)
-US 17th Heroic Fall of the Lich King (25)
-US 36th Call of the Grand Crusade (25)
-US 13th Alone in the Darkness + US 39th Algalon

 Burning Crusade

Sunwell cleared pre 3.0

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