@ people with i7's

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@ people with i7's

Postby Deadboldt on Fri Apr 23, 2010 6:48 pm

i have a pretty baller system with an i7, and everytime i load into dal and see 30-40 fps i wanna /wrists
wow is bad at utilizing the new i7, so i did some digging see if i could fix this

i have made the change mentioned (Add the line SET processAffinityMask "84" to the bottom) to the config file as suggested by the blue post
in dal i gained about 10 fps, but the most noticeable change was in 25 man raids. when there is a ton of spells and effects going on, i no longer dip to 15-25 fps, i stay around 45-55
of course i run wow on ultra setting and 1920x1200 res and could lower it. but hey...why do that when you just spent all this money right?
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