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Project wowstreams

Postby wowstreams on Sun Oct 10, 2010 2:12 pm

Hello Community

i wan to announce our new project

About wowstreams

wowstreams is a project that makes a point of collecting all PvE/PvP-streams to create world's largest stream archive. This promises a better survey and an high degree of transparency because you can find streams easier and faster.

Hereafter we describe how to register your stream at wowstreams. Atm the hole issue based on a basic script with prepared template.

How to add your stream

Stream URL:
Player Armory Link:
Guild Name:

Please use Contact Mail, or sign up on our Board

if you have questions, pls use our Board

I hope this project will be successful and wowstreams will prove popular with your support in the World of Warcraft community. In this case, we will certainly work on the page to enlarge it increasingly. So a lot will happen here in the near future.

Thank you for visiting our page, I look forward to add your PvP/PvE-streams to our archive soon.

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