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Just a question from a poor raid leader playin overseas

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:00 pm
by Question
Sorry to bother u guys, I don't normally do this but we're so far away (were in europe) and your progress is so much better than ours that trying to get some additional info on a fight didn't seem unfair to me in this case. Here's the deal, my guild has been struggling with heroic Warmaster lately, I was checkin out videos on Youtube and I spotted yours which was recently uploaded and I was very surprised by the way you're tanking the melee adds inside the boat. We're having a hard time dealing with lethal combos such as Twilight Barrage + Blade Rush and watching your fight I noticed how when Blade Rush charges a player the displayed charge pattern on the ground is still shown but the mobs don't really charge anyone (at least in most cases, there are a couple of exceptions). How does that work? Where are the mobs inside the boat being tanked? Anywhere will get the job done or does it have to be on a particular spot (i.e.= on the stairs? behind the wall?)

Thanx in advance and hope to hear from you guys soon, enjoy the game....ciao