The Rise and Rise of Midwinter

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The Rise and Rise of Midwinter

Postby Cactipete on Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:06 am

Edit: This thread started just before MoP was released while I was GM of Midwinter. A lot has happened since then, but the point of this thread was to give people who care, a little perspective to how this guild came to be. It was also created so any of the hundreds of members of Midwinter that came and gone have the opportunity to share their experiences or comment about the guild in general.

Being bored as hell, I decided to visit the website of Alpha of Whisperwind. I noticed that they made a thread talking about their history since they marked their 5th anniversary. Reading that thread really brought back memories and I figured that since we have been around slightly longer than them, that maybe we should make one as well. Unfortunately it’s a lot less dramatic, because we have never had to break up other guilds, transfer, or merge with other guilds just to keep ours alive. We are still the same guild with the same philosophies, with different people.

I remember that playing Vanilla was just a once a week thing for me. I would log on and just fuck around. Log on the paladin my older brother leveled, and heal 5 mans randomly for fun with a full set of Judgment gear. That was the extent of me playing in Vanilla. Never raided, never gave a shit. Then when BC came out, I decided to level the paladin for fun and just fuck around. Randomly, an officer of Midwinter grouped with me during a 5 man. He was impressed so he asked me to join his guild to raid Karazan. I agreed and that was the beginning of my raiding career.

Although Midwinter is my first and only guild, even I knew it was unique. It literally was just a bunch of friends who loved raiding with each other. What made the guild so successful was amazing leadership, and amazing commitment from the raiders. The philosophy was to make raiders love showing up to raid regardless of how quick you kill bosses. We had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs. No yelling, no humiliation tactics to make people play better. We believed that sort of approach did the opposite for the raiders we had. We just made raiding enjoyable.

Burning Crusade:
This is where it all started. We weren’t that skilled, just committed to becoming better everyday. Cleared Karazan and moved on to the 25 man content. Slowly progressed through it all. If it wasn’t for our leadership, who knows how the guild would have panned out. For those who don’t know, Midwinter was simply carried by a small core of extremely skilled players throughout all of BC. Raiding only got interesting when we hit up Black Temple and picked up Kras. Kras quit Alpha because he was tired of the scene. He decided to join a lesser progressed, lesser hardcore guild and learned to enjoy raiding with the people he played with. His former guild, “Alpha”, hated him and started to hate his new guild as well. Alphas GM Wylan, loved to poke fun at us for being “bads”, and would publicly flame us any chance he got. The hatred escalated when one of their warriors named Maldor joined us a couple weeks after Kras joined. That was throwing fuel to the fire, let me tell you. Since deleting threads, and banning posters on public forums was non- existent back in the day, Wylan and his Alpha cronies flamed us even more than before. I’m not sure what the hell they expected us to do. We were just a guild trying to get better. Why wouldn’t we take these former Alpha members? They were a huge part of our success going forward.

Since I am a competitive person in a non competitive guild (at the time), that would frustrate me, I’ll admit. We forbid people to respond to the childish bullshit that the they would start. So basically we took shit from those dudes for a long long time. We simply let them talk and be asshats. Now that I look back at it, it only made us stronger and more motivated to shove it in their faces. It was only a matter of time till that would happen.
Sunwell came out, and this is where our guild changed forever. We recruited a couple of all stars from a dead, less progressed guild. Only two people worth noting is Gondlem and Dpsonroids, who are both officers today being 4 years later. Their skill, and their level of strategy development (especially Gondlem) boosted our guild to become a respectable US 150 coming out of the expansion.

After progression, we decided to have some fun. We were quite friendly with a french guild called Frozen Myst (formerly known as Invictus). We decided to team up with them and do the “For the Alliance” achievement. We had a great time going into the cities at level 70 and killing level 80+ leaders. We eventually got our bears and that was that. I remember our rivals “Alpha” seemed to be either jealous or just bitter about it. The only reason why I even decided to talk about this is because their raid leader (Terlin, Jackalackaluz, Lotek) wrote on the forums in a thread talking shit about Midwinter started by none other than one of their asshole shadow priests named Hadessa, saying “If Midwinter were to ever beat us during progression on anything, then I would jump off a bridge.” I’m not sure if that’s the exact quote but close enough. A quote I will never forget (I love you Jack). This was the beginning of what you know of Midwinter today.

Wrath of the Lich King:
This is where we got hardcore. Once Jerry quit, Gondlem became officer/raid leader and Gwystyl became GM. For those of you who don’t know Gwystyl, you should feel like you missed out. He was easily the best GM this guild ever had, and there’s no way I can even compare to him as current GM. The nicest most level headed person you could ever encounter in a raiding guild, let alone a hardcore one. He was also the best rogue I ever played with till this day.

The first tier of Wrath was simply all about who could level the fastest. Our raid team was still in development so we remained 3rd progressed at the end of Naxx/maly/Saph. Peaking around mid to low US 100’s. I was just getting into caring about rank so I can’t give you an accurate rank for that tier, it was so long ago. After missing realm first Immortal by 1%, it dawned on me that we can give competition to our friends and rivals on the server. At the time, Ysera was an amazing PvE server. Lot’s of guilds, lots of activity. So the guild evolved into wanting more out of raiding. We all wanted to beat Alpha badly, even if some wouldn’t admit it.

Then Ulduar came out, the raid instance that put Midwinter on the map. After all Alpha’s shit talk, we kept trucking and trucking. They were ahead of us till Freya +3. For a variety of reasons, they couldn’t kill Freya in a timely manner so we passed them. We got really lucky with certain recruits and just kicked so much fucking ass. We went from US 120 or something, to US 13th Yogg 0, which was the end of the tier. That really resulted in the beginning of the end of Alpha in my eyes. After all the server spam from the server first Algalon, and server first Yogg 0. It was like every raider in Midwinter took a slimy diarrhea dump right into Wylans eye to give him permanent pink eye. I have to admit, that was the best feeling this game has ever given me till this day. I’ll never forget it, and neither will they. As you would predict, they shut the fuck up from here on out. Although Jack promised the server he would jump off a bridge if we beat them, he never did. I’m glad he didn’t because I love him.

ToC came out. I’m going to keep this short because there’s not much to say other than that the instance was a piece of shit. Definitely dark times because we regressed. Although we killed Anub at a semi respectable US 36th, there was an achievement of never wiping to any bosses. That achievement was considered progression, and we just simply sucked dick at it. That’s about all I have to say about ToC. It’s a tier I would be totally ok with forgetting forever. The only thing to note about that tier is that it’s the tier that Alpha decided to transfer to merge with another fail guild. They left us just when we were having fun beating them. Quite sad actually. Alpha merged with Crimson, and it was like two small flaccid dicks trying to play swords with each other. Amusing to see the fail, although it would have been better to have seen it happen on Ysera.

Icecrown was our chance to bounce back and prove that tier 9 was a bunch of bullshit. Thank god our guild was a fun place to raid because the regression we experience in the previous tier would have normally killed a guild with our rank. Once again, the officers and core members really held it together and had faith. We ended the tier with US 1st glory drakes, and US 17th LK kill. Talk about a comeback. From then on, we have yet to regress. We got a US 10th Halion kill before the expansion came to an end and the rest was history. Then Gwystyl retired and I became GM. A sad time losing not only a friend I could talk to daily in vent, but an amazing raider that till this day has been irreplaceable. No offense to our current rogue Kaowa, or previous rogues we had.

Fuck this expansion, fuck it right in the ass. Tier 11 was really hardcore. I never experienced raiding like this. We had to level to 85, and kill 13 bosses. It was a race indeed, a race that made me feel like a dirty grease ball. Leveling your character, getting gear for raiding, and poopsocking archaeology for countless hours, and by countless I mean 75+ hour grind for one trinket. The race to clear all content really showed how the guild evolved into an efficient raiding machine. Everything changed except our raid environment. It’s still the same as it was when we were US 1000 Karazan or whatever the fuck our rank was. We finished the tier at US 11th with an epic Sinestra kill where Gondlem anked right before the whore bag would reset and got that last hit in to give us our kill. No one lived as she died.

For Firelands, we had Gondlem, Iks, and about 30% of our raiding core retire from the game. This left, Roids, Purple, Jayos, and I in a shitty spot. We went gung ho with recruiting. Thanks to our perseverance we ended up making our raid team stronger than before. We did end up missing the shit out of Gondlem and Iks, but other than that we managed to get by with scoring a US 10th Ragnaros kill. 99% of the raiding population would agree that Ragnaros was the end boss of the expansion, due to it being a boss that took us 400+ attempts. Surviving Firelands really showed our strength and perseverence.

Gondlem and Iks came back for T13 due to real life, allowing this miracle to happen. The officer core was back to normal except we had more officers now. This made me really excited for T13. The only fight that I truly enjoyed was pre-nerf Yorsaj. Killing that boss like we did felt extremely rewarding. Unfortunately DS was a hunk of shit that was shat out by another piece of shit,that came from the ass of Blizzard. We finished the tier and the expansion US 6th, and are going into MoP with that rank.

I am proud to have been the GM of this guild. We have been through a lot, we have existed and stood our ground as other guilds around us have given up and died. The environment we provide for our raiders is unique for our level. Our 20-25 hours that we raid during progression shows our efficiency as a raid group. I’m not sure if our rank can go any higher just due to the fact that we can’t raid any longer than we do. To be honest, I don’t care. I’m happy where we are, and I know that we will continue to have the success we have had for 3+ years in being a top 15 US guild. There’s no other place I’d rather be.

Yea, Midwinter is now US 1st and World 3rd. Just an update.

Jack - I love you.
Wylan - someday you will have a place in my heart.
Jerrycakes – Have sex with me
Dr. Molark – Treat my herpes and log on mumble sometimes

Anyone else, feel free to post anything about the guild good or bad. Make this thread fun and interesting to read. Would be nice to hear from old school people.
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby gwystyl on Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:14 am

*misty eyed* Stop tempting me to come back! Great post. I hope other longstanding members or alums see it and contribute.

I'm not shy to say I played WoW. I'm very proud of what we accomplished and the friends I've made because of MW. This is a special place. Every guild has their stories and the bonds of friendship that tied them together. What made MW unique is the way it started, how it evolved and what it ultimately became... all with the same DNA. We had some spells of drama, but the guild was never in danger. That had a lot to do with the fact that it was always a team effort.

It's funny to me that Alpha plays a large role in our early story. They really, really hated us. When Kras left them, as I understood it, it wasn't really that big a deal. They hated losing a great player, but they understood he wanted to raid with his brother and take it easy. I think Maldor was really the spark that ignited the Kras / MW hatred. To be fair, a detail you left out was that Maldor always wanted to be with us. I'll admit I played a large part in blocking that, thinking he wanted to just use us to gear up so he could raid with Alpha. In the end, Alpha got him 4 piece T5 in 1 weekend, as I recall, and made him a flame tank on Illidan... and only a few weeks later we took him.

Thanks, Alpha! >.>
(He was always a better personality fit in our guild, anyway.)

The bear mount alliance with Frozen Myst was actually a great example of who we were. I talked with their senior leaders about this figuring they were cool guys. I wanted to increase brotherhood between our guilds and thought this would be a fun way to do it. I also figured that Horde resistance would be very strong so we might want to have a raid dedicated to PvP defense while the other raid tagged and bagged the Horde leaders. This led to some hilarious fun times and quite the screenshot:
There's a better one we used for our banner but I can't find it.

Anyway, Alpha felt the need to trash talk us about this and "do it in prime time." OK, I was definitely impressed... but the main Horde guild that would have given them hell for it instead decided to suck their dicks and compel the rest of the Horde to "just let it happen, who care, right?" Yeah. That's a little tidbit they never want to talk about. That and the fact that we left them largely alone while they did this, whereas they tried to mess with us as much as possible with toons or pre-WotLK exploding zombies in Undercity. Whatever.

For fun:

If Wylan reads this: Dude, seriously. You totally flamed me and I never did anything to you or anyone in Alpha. Get over yourself, man. You never rated as more than a fleeting thought in my mind.

If Jack reads this: I played your Illidan rage audio clip for fun. It wasn't to make fun of you. If anything, it was more respect like I'd give to Troxxed. You're hilarious.

I did mandate that nobody in the guild post on realm forums because I really didn't see the point. I wanted us to be above it, and we largely were. I'll admit towards the end, I succumbed to the "yeah, let's fuck Alpha in the ass" mentality, but it took years to get there. I'd be lying if it didn't tickle me inside to see them collapse.

ToC / Anub... ouch, I really don't want to remember this instance at all. I contributed to the problem on Anub by not swapping assignments / roles to better match the player. That said, everyone, even our most pro players (and I do mean everyone) f'd up at inopportune times to cost us ranking here. That said, even after the catastrophe that this instance was for us, our top players could have sought greener pastures. They didn't. They shrugged it off and knew we were better. We proved this next tier, of course.

I'd also bring up memories like:

Iron Dwarf: Medium Rare - Gwystyl Discipline Edition
The land race to Caverns of Time after we unlocked Hyjal
The time we abused having Pete's login to strip him naked and bank his hearthstone, then suspend him over a cliff in Netherstorm while taking bubble off his hotbar
Pete's insistence at assaulting Crossroads... every day. Multiple times.
The fact that Pete has never made good on any promise that was given to motivate the raid group.

Pete: It's hard to go take the reigns / responsibility the way you did, but everyone agrees you did a great job. The way you and the councilors navigated the attrition in Firelands is commendable. I want everyone to realize that was a heroic feat in and of itself, and the fact that the guild still stands strong is testament to how solid a leader Pete has become.

MW was never about one person, though. It was never about a core of friends. It was really about every single person that came and went. They all left impressions and all made contributions that may not show up in a quantifiable way, but directly affected where we were. This thread might be Molark's opportunity to try to assemble an entire historical roster for Midwinter... Just looking at the names should bring back memories. In fact, when I get back, I'm editing my post and I'll get to work trying to get this list together!

EDIT: Compiling the entire roster of members
If there's someone on here that actually didn't make full member, let me know. Also, I KNOW I'm missing a lot of people... help me fill in the gaps!

Ardayne / Ardesa
Benehime / Skeith
Blackarrow / Shook
Etrigann / Jasonblood / Hanzzo
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby Gondlem on Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:31 am

Nice idea for a thread. We all have a pretty different experience of this guild I think, should make for some interesting reading. I'll try and summarise the high and low lights of my time in Midwinter, though I haven't been here quite as long as Pete.

Here's part 1 for me, from my beginnings to the end of Ulduar.

I started playing this game around the time TBC came out, on Ysera. After a few Karazhan runs in a casual guild I joined a mid-tier Ysera guild called Sacred, around 10th or so on the server back when it was a decent home for raiding. It was your usual mid-tier guild, a few good players being held back by a large number of bad players, resulting in tension between these parties and high turnover as people left for greener pastures when things went badly. I was an officer in the guild by the time this warlock called Kpt showed up as part of a package deal of xfers from a dying guild on another server. Showing the sort of brilliance he would later bring to Midwinter, he left Ysera to "bring back a resto shaman" since they were OP, but in fact came back three months later with the same warlock to find that his raid spot was gone, at which point he promptly gquit and joined a superior guild on the server called Midwinter. He also changed his name to the astonishingly lame "Dpsonroids". I got to know Cactipete around this time and talked to him a bit on vent about our respective guilds and Midwinter's need for a second shadow priest on M'uru, and when an exodus of core raiders left us unable to clear our farm content in Sacred, I left along with a resto shaman and warlock - Mathazar and Deogee, and joined Midwinter right in the middle of M'uru progression. Sacred also produced some other Midwinter alumni, some of who lasted a long time. Yazim, Kristoph, Tomaseti, Ladria and Deadboldt are the ones I can remember offhand.

There was a dramatic change in skill level in going up to Midwinter, moving from 10th on the server to 3rd, but the biggest difference was definitely the raid environment. My first and most lasting impression of Midwinter raiding was how calm and focused vent was. I spent my whole trial period and a few extra weeks as member wiping on M'uru, but not once can I remember tempers flaring. At no point did any of the core leaders in the guild decide that shouting at people made them better at the game, and they tried to solve problems rather than just apportion blame. The raid was focused, but at the same time things were always pretty relaxed in between pulls, and the social environment really drew you in. By today's standards the guild wasn't that great then, but as our goals, our members and our ranking have changed, that particular feature of the guild has not. We've always set a standard of conduct towards one another, and towards people outside the guild, that stopped us from becoming the sort of scumbag guild that makes raiding a horrendous chore when the kills aren't coming quickly and easily.

We eventually killed M'uru around US 250th, after the health nerf, and third on the server. It was a tough grind for the guild overall, but across the later stages of M'uru progression and downing KJ we picked up a group of raiders who would be a key part of our rise into a competitive guild over the next year. Between my joining and the start of Wrath we picked up people like Jellybao, Mikeal, Lyriana, Schied and Grimmortal to supplement the strong core of the guild, and in the process started the gradual changes that would lead us to improve dramatically over the next year or so. We gained about 100 ranks as a guild on KJ, killing it and finishing Sunwell a couple of weeks before 3.0 hit, and though we didn't realise it for a while, the guild was improving a lot.

Wrath of the Lich King
The first tier of Wrath was so easy that you really couldn't compare yourselves to other guilds very easily. The rivalry with Alpha was really flaring up around this time as Pete mentioned, with the War Bear drama and all, but by the time we had enough level 80s in the guild to raid Alpha had already cleared all the content, so there wasn't much to compete over for some time. The first memorable kill of the expansion for me was Sartharion. I was promoted to officer (and freed from the dreaded LC) around this time and took over most of the raid leading duties, making this boss a pretty unique one for me personally, and I also remember this boss as the one where Jelly established herself as a go-to tanking option in the guild. Most of the tier was dominated with the race to Immortal though, something which put a fair bit of strain on our guild. That two hours every week was still probably the most stressful raiding I've ever done, constantly afraid of a DC, someone being slow on Thaddius, or someone getting aggro after MC on KT. Our policy was that if you lost us Immortal you sat the next week, something we stuck to without fail, though it was painful at times.

I believe I still remember every Immortal fail after we started seriously trying for it: KT randomly one-shotting Roids, Ardy dying to Grobbulus slime, Gladewalker failing on Thaddius, Mikeal disengaging the wrong way on Thaddius, Lyriana DCing on Sapphiron and Ardy not getting the GS off in time ("GCD locked"), and, finally... Belgrace standing too close to me when I had mana detonate on KT and blowing up with the boss at 2%. I'll never forget the half-hearted nerd screams mixed with the cries of "WHAT THE FUCK?!". As it happened, we got Immortal the next week, just two weeks before the Ulduar release and third on the server, many weeks after the first time we got to KT with the achievement still alive.

Ulduar was really the time when the new strength and dedication of our raid team showed through. During Naxx we'd picked up some strong new players like Purplemonger, Zakalwe and Facemeetmace who would be part of our progression team in Ulduar, and despite (as always) having no real PTR experience we hit the ground running and immediately broke into the top 100. We just missed killing Yogg in the first week but ended up US 75th on it, cracked the top 50 with our first hard mode kill on Thorim, moved ahead of Alpha in the server rankings because we killed Flame Leviathan and Deconstructor while they were working on Freya, and finally secured that server first spot when we downed Freya +3. The Algalon kill was massive for us, we beat Alpha to it by a single week, landed a kill ranked in the 30s for the first time, and got that server spam that really established us as a serious guild. To this day, killing Algalon for the server first remains the most exciting and rewarding thing I've done in this game. The combination of the hour timer, the dramatic and unexpected improvement as a guild, and the on-server rivalry made it unbelievably tense, and the kill was a huge release, something you can still hear in the kill video if you watch it today. Above all, nobody would have predicted what we managed to do.

It's fair to say we were consumed with the desire to beat Alpha in Ulduar. Every time we took a step closer it became more prominent in the guild, and every screenshot I have from that period has people talking about it. Lotek's promise to jump off a bridge if we ever beat them to anything was the inspiration that had us pushing harder and staying focused when another guild would have got frustrated on the tough fights in this tier, and this is what really shaped us into a competitive guild more than anything else. For example, I don't remember any resistance to us putting long hours into pre-nerf Yogg-0 despite nobody really expecting us to get a kill. We put a full raid week each week into that boss, and with all the practice we had, including some wipes around the 10% mark, we crushed it as soon as the nerf landed for a US 13th to finish the tier. The one lasting regret from Ulduar was that we never got to do pre-nerf Mimiron, since they nerfed the heroic version the same week we killed Freya +3, but on the plus side Mimiron and Yogg were the last two fights Midwinter ever failed to kill pre-nerf.

Our rise from US 75th to US 13th during the Ulduar progression period was accompanied by more strong recruiting. Every time a veteran raider retired we somehow managed to replace then with someone just as good or better, a lucky stream which has continued pretty much without fail to this day. Consequently, Ulduar added a lot of names that are a significant part of Midwinter history like Magnifibeast, Oshiri, Rune, Tedium, Xandrellas, Jarink, Shiri, Feist, Deathmcsneak, Savior, Andre and Kindmime. The months that followed Ulduar were a bit of a return to earth for us as I think it's fair to say we overachieved a bit with the Yogg kill, but the key thing that happened in this period was a shift in philosophy. We became a competitive guild, partly because of the Alpha rivalry and partly because with an increase in skill comes a competitive instinct, and the goal of Midwinter shifted from just having fun and killing bosses at our own pace to wanting to kill enemy nerds on the wowprogress battlefield.

More to come later, since this took longer than expected.
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby Andre on Sat Jun 30, 2012 10:34 am

Before I joined, I was extremely confident in my healing, thought I was one of the best of the best. I still remember doing a M'uru kill in my previous guild when I was finally put in a shadow priest group, doing 32% of total healing with the druids coming second and third with roughly 15% each.

A year or so later, here I was, being slotted for a Freya kill. My first boss fight in Midwinter. I had never done heroic Freya before, not even attempted it. I was shitting my pants a little bit, but quietly saying to myself "u da best bro u can do dis". The first impression that I got was "why am I here??". The reaction time I needed to top people off was something I'd never seen before. My Riptide of all things was overhealing sometimes and all I could think of was "wat?". My confidence just got shattered. What a dream lineup though, Pete, Purple, Fusoya, Aezrial and Kind and DB. We killed so many healing applicants, the poor things. I'm biased when I say this, but this solid healing lineup was one of the strongest part of our success in ICC. Get carried bitches.

I spent the first couple of weeks in this guild wondering if I was even good enough to be under the its name and to my relief I was. I'll always be thankful that I got accepted and this will be the last serious raiding guild I'll ever be in. If some day I decide to come back, I hope there will still be a place for me here. If not, I'll always be in the crowd, cheering.

Keep on trucking!
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby Dignam on Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:44 pm

Going to completely kill the mood and tell my story leading up to Midwinter which some people might find interesting. If you don't care about reading my past (relatively small) guild history just skip to the Midwinter paragraph toward the bottom.

I played this game super casually in TBC as a Hunter and joined my friends guild (Lineage) in quest green never having done a 5 man (the only thing I liked in the game was leveling and hitting 70 made me really confused cause the purple bar didn't go up anymore), and they happened to be the 3rd best guild on this horrible server called Exodar (probably like the 10th worst US server). This guild was actually a complete reroll where the GM wanted to progress through previous tiers as a guild (BT was currently out, Sunwell had just come out).

The guild was really laid back and fun and progressing through t5 was really really fun so that's basically when I got hooked into raiding. Killing Vashj and Kael for the first time felt incredible. Then I spent like 70 attempts on Archimonde and I thought it was the worst thing in the world because I realized how many god awful players were in my guild. We eventually cleared up to phase 2 Illidan before the huge 3.0 nerf which made raiding really easy and I played casually again until WotLK where this guild did not have enough players to form a 25 man raid. I hit 80 on my Hunter and then leveled my Druid and was still the guild's 3rd 80. I considered it time to move onto a better guild since I really just wanted to raid 25 mans.

So after hitting realm first 80 on Exodar by staying up for 48 hours (the longest stretch I've ever played a video game for), I joined the best guild on the server, Ordo Domus. This guild was just a 'serious' version of Lineage with equally as many bad players. I stayed with this guild for quite some time (until t9) because there were some REALLY good players in it who really helped me along (not sure if Iks remembers the name "Selvaria" but she was easily the best/most helpful Moonkin I've played with at this point, and the only chick that's good at this game except for Rune. :lol:) OK JK CELECE AND LATA ARE GREAT TOO. (did I miss someone? I am seriously super paranoid that I missed someone.)

So this guild fell apart because of members simply quitting/giving up during the shithole that was t9. This guild used an auction style DKP system for loot (lol) and during Ulduar I was playing Resto during this expansion where I received their first Valanyr. So basically Valanyr was a one way ticket to almost any guild I wanted.

I chose No Chicks Allowed because the GM and the MT of Lineage were also accepted into this guild. NCA was a giant step up from my previous guilds, but there were only a handful of obviously bad players that stuck around because they were difficult to replace for some reason. Chira was easily the most resourceful GM I've ever had a pleasure to play with, he was a programmer and learned LUA in his free time, allowing him to make addons for the guild on the spot (he was constantly debugging and testing addons while we raided, it was fun). Not gonna lie, he carried the fuck out of NCA. We obviously did have number of really good players that also did some stuff, but man Chira was amazing. Anyway, NCA fell apart because of childish baby retard Rogues that wanted their legendary 1 week earlier the day that we wanted to kill heroic madness (we extended the raid).

So now I'm in Midwinter. I honestly can't tell where the faults in Midwinter currently lie (do we have horribad players?, and obviously the strategies that didn't resemble what I did in NCA, NCA strats > all). Everyone seems incredibly good in their own ways. The officer core is significantly stronger than any other guild I've been in. Everyone takes their performance seriously, even during farm. I am honestly very excited to progress on bosses with you guys since I joined during an extremely long stretch of farm during this shit tier, but we're still coming along great.

AND no one is a dick. Wow. Let's do some amazing things in MoP!
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby Fusoya on Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:18 pm

Stream of memories...

I joined this guild right before Magtheridon, leaving behind Vision, my Vanilla guild. I remember people going "WHO THE FUCK" the first time I died and spirit of redemption pops up with me yelling "I AM FUSOYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Eff you Jerry for always dragging mobs over to cleave me. I also recall a certain boss who never dropped a trophy and forever ruining a U2 song for Gwystyl:

Molark playing on his tiny 15 inch monitor with a ui that was pretty close to and the glory that came when I revealed how to remove one of his two sets of raid frames...coh spammer.

T5 and T6 had a lot of good memories. Klub dying to every giant pack in SSC, requiring that trinket off Astromancer for all dps warriors applicants. Having enough of DKP system and moving to a loot council system, which really helped us in terms of progression in the long run. Hating to do all the many hours of legwork to make that system work...blargh. Sin healing on Teron Gorefiend, but not dispelling! Dawgg going on a two week business trip that turned into like three years except logging into mwprojects and asking the prices of things. Always did wonder what happened there. Yelling at people to go do the demon event by Ogrila. If you can do that you can do the ghosts. I remember Nutter's countdown of "3, 2, uh 1.. second" and trying to call off the pull. Butterz saying can last stand the fire on Illidan and flopping over. Jerry losing aggro to my Dire Maul thornling on the initial pull of Illidan. Jerry asking Thadec how he died on Archimonde and Thadec answering by saying "Got pwned in the face dude" resulting in Jerry flipping out exclaiming "THAT'S NOT A LEGITIMATE ANSWER!1!111!"

I remember meeting Malrik and Gwystyl and insisting we had to go to Red Lobster because those two clowns had never eaten the cheese bread there. Somehow it lived up to their expectations.

I also recall us continuously getting better, even if at times it seemed relatively slow, the people all made it worth logging in to raid, giving each other bs. It's too bad mumble doesn't have binds. Can't hear things like Microsoft Sam saying "Your inability to play brings shame to all of us" or "Oh my god, fix it. I don't want excuses, just fix it." When someone made a mistake. I remember in Sunwell everyone renaming to something-cakes. URINALCAKES LIVES ON SOMEWHERE! Screwing Jerry over by logging him off in front of a cliff and changing his autorun button to 'R' so when he tried to reply he plummeted to his death.

Stupid Naxx Immortal. To this day that Belgrace death haunts me. PERFECT TIMING.

Playing Wheeled Warriors over vent for Flame Leviathan. Greatest trash ever.
I do agree that Algalon and Yogg 0 were the most memorable kills, getting those server wide messages to pop up. I still chuckle at Kind doing that Supermassive the first time he came to that fight.

ToC where my voice acting skills distracted Lyr costing us insanity. Wilfred Fizzlebang's absolute power persists to this day.

All you can Pete on Sindragosa, limited attempts raiding and their results:

Figuring nothing to lose on the first attempt of Heroic Lich King once the initial blast off happened...

Desperately charging Lich King during transition phases during a wipe and almost reaching him before frost damage killed me. Being carried off to safety by a Val'kyr while everyone else died to a defile. Mahoyhoyhoyhoy.

And most of all...

All you assholes fucking up the guild bank! HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNGH
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby Molark on Sat Jun 30, 2012 6:36 pm

The time we abused having Pete's login to strip him naked and bank his hearthstone, then suspend him over a cliff in Netherstorm while taking bubble off his hotbar

My only regret was he was so high that literally vent was dead silent after he logged in, fell and spirit rezzed.

I like this idea a lot. A little later I'll try to fill in vanilla and TBC gaps for MW.

And great memories...

-The time Klubsbank or whoever it was logged on and sent Pete a tell saying he was Klub, and got promoted to full councilor just to rob our entire guild bank.
- Making that video in Ironforge of snowman Pete sodomizing Molark with his carrot nose. Wasn't there something someone said, Jerry maybe? that made us cry laughing for a half hour straight?
- The city leader kills with Frozen Myst were epic. Including going all Jurassic Park on Ogrimmar... was it Mike's Trex?
-Photoshopping pete into every first kill he missed because he decided to be absent the one night we'd down a boss.
- Returning in Sunwell for light raiding to come up with a winning group strat that Jerry failed at, and then using Eleina's shadow priest while she was away one weekend for Brutallus/FirstKillFelmyst and realized how incredibly outgeared Molark had become.
-And who can forget... DoTs! DoTs! DoTs! More DoTs!!!.....SHUT UP FERNANDO!
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby Gondlem on Sat Jun 30, 2012 7:01 pm

Part 2:

ToC was the only serious period of regression I've gone through in this guild. In retrospect it actually wasn't all that bad, we still got our Anub kill ranked in the 30s in the US, which was comparable to most of our later bosses in Ulduar aside from Yogg. At the time though it felt like we'd failed in a big way even up to that boss kill, not to mention the horror that was the Insanity grind. ToC saw the introduction of limited attempts and the return of Immortal-style achievements, two of the worst things Blizzard has ever done, as well as the "every boss is a joke except the last one" style of tuning, even on heroic difficulty, which unfortunately still exists. We farmed normal with multiple groups each week during the gating phase and then went 4/5 heroic in a few days before we hit Anub'arak and got stuck there for a few weeks. There were a lot of things that let us down beyond just poor play. Our main paladin tank disappeared about this time for example, leaving Belgrace main tanking for us playing someone else's toon, but the biggest thing was just problems with the strat. The officer core couldn't really come to an agreement about how to approach the boss, and to this day I think Anub has the most heated strat thread of any boss. The fight is probably remembered in guild now for the rogue issue and whether or not we'd have them give up boss DPS to tricks adds, but there were actually quite a lot of strat issues that we couldn't agree on, and all this stuff held us back, though it was also an important learning experience for us going forward.

Insanity was by far the worst, though. This was where you got the server first title, and it took us two and a half months to finish. We dropped from US 36th on the Anub kill, which was already disappointing, to 181st on the achievement, losing server first to Agony along the way. The dumbest part of the whole thing was that we actually would have had it the first week of farm, except we wiped on Jaraxxus of all things before one-shotting everything else including Anub. From there it took 10 more weeks of failure before we finally got the achievement, something which cost us core raiders and set us back a long way after the success of Ulduar. We added Tyneko, Aezrial and Revai around this time amidst the failure, three players who would be with us a long time, and managed to improve our roster a fair bit going in to the next tier.

ICC continued the theme of everything being easy before the last boss. We raided serious progression on the weekend for the first time ever the week that it came out, killing bosses on both Friday and Saturday on our way to 9/12 after a week. It was harder than going 4/5 in ToC but overall the instance was still a massive disappointment and might have killed raiding for me if it wasn't for Lich King being so hard. We went 11/12 two weeks later and then spent almost three months on Lich King, by far the toughest progression experience I've done in the game. Because of the scaling buff that came in every month we never really hit an impassable wall on the fight, but 0% and 5% LK were definitely harder than anything else I've seen in the game. During ICC we added Noravis, Euneek, Repression, Cybelirrae and Iblise to our roster, each of whom would be in the Lich King kill, and much like in Sunwell we added a host of new players during farm who we wouldn't see in progression until after the new expansion launched. This included the Pie Chart team of Slootbag, Moobs, Lunarien and Zoe, as well as future officers in Iks and Jayos and other core Cataclysm raiders like Morsexier and Koohwip.

We left Wrath ranked 10th in the US based on our Halion kill, and for the first time we got the chance to prepare for a new expansion as a hardcore guild. We could have done better for sure, but we managed to do a decent amount of beta raiding, testing every boss on normal mode and seeing an hour or two of heroic here and there, and did the levelling as well as we could have. That first night of Cata where we effortlessly swept server firsts was a bit of a marker of how far we'd come. Something like the first 20 people to 85 on Ysera were in Midwinter, and we immediately began grinding heroics, and started raiding on the Thursday night. That week still stands as the most hardcore we've ever gone in this game, between levelling and raiding progression every day for the second time in Midwinter history. We had a 10 man group kill Al'akir at something like 5am the night servers went down for maintenance, and finished with everything dead except Nefarian on normal mode.

T11 was actually a great tier in retrospect, though the grind was punishing at the time. No boss was on the Lich King level of difficulty, but there were no pushovers either. Halfus, which was the easiest heroic of the tier by a distance, was probably harder than 10 or 11 ICC bosses. There are a lot of memories from the tier, like finally killing Sinestra, getting our highest rank to date on a single kill with Nefarian and so on, but to me the lasting positive memory of this time in the guild was definitely "Omnotron night", a moment which let us secure a significant improvement over our Lich King rank in and of itself. We had a pretty slow start to heroic progression in general, taking extra days on Halfus because of fuckups, Christmas absences and computer issues and then getting stuck on Conclave of Wind for the rest of the second week. We moved along to 3/13 with our Maloriak kill and did a night on Chimaeron before reset, almost killing it in the process. We then had to make a key decision, we could either clear the first two bosses of BWD on normal to head back to Chimaeron for the easy 4th heroic kill, and take that as our win for the week, or we could gamble and try and kill Omnotron, possibly losing rank in the process. We'd heard that it was a tough execution fight and a cockblock for a lot of guilds around our level, but we went in on Wednesday night after farm and steamrolled it in under four hours. This might seem like nothing in retrospect since it wasn't the hardest fight of the tier by any means, but it was a huge turning point for us in a tier that had been shitty to date, and reminiscent of our rise in Ulduar because it was so unexpected. This opened the door for us to kill Magmaw and Chimaeron over the next couple of days and put us on the path to finish US 10th at the end of the tier.

It was a little over two months before we finished Sinestra, and by that stage everyone in the guild was ready to be done. We lost a bunch of core raiders to burnout and other issues, including Iks and I, so I don't have much to say about Firelands. That's the funny thing about Midwinter though, we've never really let setbacks hurt us too much. We've had our fair share of core raiders going AWOL, ninja xfers to other guilds, tough recruiting spells and unexpected cockblock bosses, but we've always held our own and came out stronger. Each tier I actually look forward to the harder bosses because I know it's there, like on Freya +3, Yogg and Lich King in the previous expansion, that our dedication and commitment to the guild would show through and we'd improve our performance. It's really what Pete said, we try and keep our guild a place people like to raid, not just somewhere that kills bosses, so when things get tough we rarely bleed members and usually come out stronger. Rag was no exception, and the guild landed a US 10th against all odds, despite rebuilding half the guild during the tier. By the time I came back to raiding for Dragon Soul PTR the guild was full of new faces, but the mentality was the same.

Dragon Soul was a shit zone. Probably the worst since ToC. Though 11/12 in ICC was no better, at least that zone had Lich King. In reality the only really good fight in the tier was Yor'sahj pre-nerf, and that was where we really set ourselves apart with solid play and landed a US 6th. Spine was definitely hard, not just because of the class requirements, but I won't remember it as fondly as other tough bosses, despite the new guild high of a US 5th rank on the kill. It was a good tier for us even if wasn't all that fun, and we really cemented ourselves well inside the top 10 in the US, something which has seemed impossible at times without making major changes to our raiding hours.

Next we have Pandas...
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby Gondlem on Sat Jun 30, 2012 7:11 pm

Some other random memories I forgot to include:

- Logging on one day just after I made member and having Roids and Kras convince me to join them in changing my name to something with "cakes" at the end to fuck with Jerry. Jerrycakes, Spongecakes, Crabcakes, Funnelcakes, Supacakes and Urinalcakes got us that M'uru kill the very same week.

- The Reech sandbox tiger incident. The week before we killed Algalon, we'd had a couple of low percentage wipes, including hitting the enrage with most of the raid up and dying to that post-enrage big bang. With six minutes on the hour timer we rush back for one final, most likely futile attempt, and while we quickly get food buffs in the doorway, Skrag throws down a sandbox tiger. Reech accidentally clicks on it and then can't work out how to leave a vehicle, resulting in the timeless image of his druid rocking back and forth while we counted down the pull on vent, and Reech's desperate yells of "I CAN'T GET OFF".

- The wheel of Paladin MTs. Jerrycakes, Sammson, Noravis, Slootbag... we always seem to end up with a pink MT with all the confidence you need in a main tank and maybe a little extra. Each of them was an awesome player who showed up exactly when we needed them though, and literally every important kill in Midwinter history has a paladin tank in the screenshot.

- In contrast, the fallen forest of resto druids. I could try and list all the trees we've had and lost in the last few years, but I'm sure I'd fall woefully short. They ragequit because Morbain called people jews, left for IRL reasons, ninja transferred to join other guilds, quit because they didn't get slotted enough with their girlfriend, re-rolled to death knight or just fucking disappeared, but we never seemed to be able to keep a resto druid for more than a few weeks at a time.

- Countless incidents involving vent binds, Wheeled Warriors, and the Jack clip Gwystyl linked earlier. The Jack clip in particular never stopped being amusing.
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby gwystyl on Sat Jun 30, 2012 10:53 pm

Updated my post with a historical list of members, but it may have some people that didn't actually make full member. Also, I'm sure it's missing a lot. Help me clean that up!
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby Xonk on Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:33 pm

West Philadelphia born and raised...

I started playing wow right after 2.0 arrived, so the end of 2006. I leveled a horde paladin to 70 once it released and while it took me the better part of 4 months to do this, i had a lot of fun leveling my first character to max level. Going broke getting my paladin class mount was also great fun. Saving up for epic flying too.

skipping ahead...

I ended up on Mal'ganis in 2008 and was there until 2011 when I joined this guild. I knew Dpsonroids, Purplemonger, and Magni as they were friendly and I had chatted on vent with them a couple times discussing arena during season 8. I had a lot of fun playing against them back then and I wouldn't change any of it. They were also good sports about my team beating them and my team was also the same way. I don't think i'll ever forget the night they bested bilian and fadeez'd team in 5v5 and kigz was killed instantly. The amount of crying that team did was astounding and so many people were beside themselves that "these no name pve fags from Ysera" were rank 1 at the end of the season.

Season 8 titles came and went, and around Jan 2011, I noticed that midwinter was looking for a ret paladin, the class that I happened to be great at. I spoke with roids and he told me to apply and to see what happened. My app was met with positive reinforcement from a variety of people and I waited a week or so to hear back. Longest week of my life. My time with Juggernaut was at its end, and I was eager to begin a new start with a guild that I had friends in.

I can honestly say that when i first started with Midwinter, I never had this much fun raiding in my entire time playing WoW. Mumble was a non-stop chatter box of interesting stories, from Morsexier ranting about random crap in the game to Cyb telling kind to shut the fuck up and speak some english, to kind playing the most random shit in the world, to kras quoting every god damn 90s movie in existence. Let's not forget slootbag farting into his mic every countdown on ragnaros, and moobs shitting the bed on the us first cata drake picture with a fucking eagle mount lol. I don't think i'll ever forget the night that pete's monitor blew out and he played blind for the last pull on Ascendant council. That was by far the most fun i've ever had playing WoW in a single raid.

The past 3 tiers i've played with this guild have been awesome, and I am hoping that continues going into MoP. While we've lost some people along the way to real life and other reasons, I am still eager to log on every tuesday night and see what crap we talk about. It's always something new, and it's easily one of the reasons I love playing with this guild.


I'm sure im forgetting some things but I've loved it all and I am glad to have done it. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

"It's me, Russel Casse Sir. I told you I wouldn't let you down."
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby Latapus on Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:38 pm

You sentimental fucks. <3


Damn right we are!
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby Molark on Sun Jul 01, 2012 12:56 am

gwystyl wrote:Updated my post with a historical list of members, but it may have some people that didn't actually make full member. Also, I'm sure it's missing a lot. Help me clean that up!

Some duplicates.

Zalniak was Zalmiak
Century was a founding member too

Wow every person I'm trying to think of you already haveo n the list. How'd you make such a comprehensive list?

Also don't forget my slew of scrub alts that raided with us at one point or another. Nobisco, Syeklone. And what was Jerry's scrub warlock that we used as a summon bitch?
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby Michael on Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:41 am

It's ok that you forgot me gwystyl, not like I know where your baby sleeps or anything.

Also this thread is full of dildos
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby gwystyl on Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:28 am

That's odd. You were one of the first names on the list because you had texted me recently. Excel must have lost you in the sorting / duplicate purging.

Just another example of how God hates you most amongst all His creations.
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby Iks on Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:17 am

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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby Andre on Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:47 am

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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby gwystyl on Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:02 am


I thought you didn't want to appear so close to Iblise. I figured I was doing you a favor!

Anyway, the list was not meant to point out who I forgot. It was meant to resurrect good and bad memories!
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby Iks on Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:12 am

haha it's no problem.

Most importantly, what about Bizzie? lololololo.. I used to run Kara back in my old shitty guilds with him on his mage Bize and I remember when he randomly got picked up by MW to help heal Sunwell simply because he had a Resto Shaman. I'm pretty sure Henryy or someone vouched for him despite Bizzie being a huge flake in reality.
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Re: The Rise and Rise of Midwinter: 5 Years in the Making

Postby gwystyl on Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:19 am

I really don't remember Bizzie... I'll add him if he was a member for any period of time, but I don't want people who were just trials.
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