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Im Sorry Vigilate

Postby Navaarian on Sun Dec 21, 2014 2:45 am

In regards to my forum post on the rogue forums "the Rogue Rebellion" linking your suggestion, just know it was not my intention of bringing negativity to your post, simply more eyes and ears to understand and use the appropriate action to let the developers know that the class was not happy in hopes of actually making a change.

however i do not entierly believe my post was the cause of the users who abused the devs on twitter, but just know i had no ill intentions making that post.

p.s. Not sure if Vigil reads these posts but i assume he isnt a blizz developer who ignores forums, any guildies of his reading this please direct vigil to it.

p.p.s, my post was removed and i too received a 7 day ban </3

Kind Regards, Navaarian
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