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Anyone Bored and Wanna Raid?

PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:38 pm
by HTPRadee
I really like the community of people around Midwinter, so just out of curiosity, I was wondering if anyone here would like to run a Normal Fresh BRF? (It'd be pretty cool if I caught someone around bored and interested at the moment.) This isn't scheduled ahead of time, this is probably gonna happen between now and 30 minutes upon building the group.

The group is already formed for the most part, mostly guild members with heroic exp. Just need some heals, and a tank.

Anyways, this could be removed if it's just considered spam, just thought it would be cool to ask :)

If interested though, add my Real ID @ Edji#1335

Thanks for at least reading though guys :)