Few questions about ele @Ovid

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Few questions about ele @Ovid

Postby Smiggins on Sat Mar 28, 2015 8:15 pm

I have recently had to swap to my Ele for main progression and I had a few questions as to the rotation.

1. When using echo do you use both charges of lava burst on the pull before popping acendance?
2. Do you at any point in acendance use unleashed fury or earth shock to proc 4pc or get up 2 pc?
3. Besides on pull do you ever use unleashed fury to buff flame shock instead of using it for lava burst?
4. On the pull of a 2 target boss (for example hans and franz) would you wait to use acendance until after you have flame shock on both bosses?
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Re: Few questions about ele @Ovid

Postby Ovid on Sat Mar 28, 2015 9:31 pm

Hey friend,

1) Yep.
2) Ideally you want to unleash before you ascend. If you cap lightning shield (which you will), you es. 4p is just a bonus.
3) Generally it's better to buff LvB instead of FS with Unleashed. The exception is if you're playing EF and have 2 stacks, in which case it's better to buff FS.
4) Nope. On a fight like Hanz and Franz, I just single target and keep FS on both targets. Lava Surge procs you get during Ascend are mostly useless. meaning FS won't get you much extra damage during the duration.
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