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Postby Althah on Tue Aug 18, 2015 2:16 pm

Hello Stenhaldi !

I was a melee dd heroic raider back at wotlk (mainly unholy dk and retpal) which after a 4y break from the game came back as a healer because my guild needed one. Used to melee and currently playing a fistmistweaving monk in mythic difficulty, i'm planning on being melee dps again... And i fell in love with the kitty cat gameplay through your povs. I really paid attention to the gameplay you're showing us in your videos but i still have some issues with the whole snapshotting bleeds thingy.

I know how snapshotting worked then and how it works now, only being applied by Savage Roar, Tiger's Fury and Bloodtalons, but I can't seem to get along with it properly in my dps cycle. Let's assume my Savage Roar is up all the time as it should be, I have no problem snapshotting with it. My current problem is with Bloodtalons and Tiger's Fury the latter having a lesser priority since it only buffs by 15% against 30%. But let's say i rake my target with both Roar and Fury, it has around 10s left and i have Predatory Swiftness proc (mainly because i re applied Rip or Roar). Is it worth it to reapply rake with Roar+Bloodtalons even though i'm not in the 4,5s last seconds ? Well, is it anyway worth it to re apply Rip/Rake/Roar when i am not in the last seconds in which you don't lose any of the dot/buff duration. My toon being around 670 ilvl with only 4pt17 i feel like i don't have enough energy regen/combo points to dump them into Ferocious Bites because if i do so i know my Rip/Roar/Rake will fade of for like 3-4s before I'm able to reapply them. Is it still worth it then ?

Sorry bothering you with newby kitten questions, and maybe it's because of my ilvl/current gear that i feel i have this "hole" in my cycle, but i'd really prefer mastering it before pulling the toon to 710-720 ilvl.

I leave you my btag (Altha#2155) in case you have the time and the patience to discuss it ig. By advance thank you very much for your answer !
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