Pwavity's Gear(T14)

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Pwavity's Gear(T14)

Postby Pravity on Wed Nov 14, 2012 6:02 pm

This is just so I have a public link to my list.

Vaults BiS:

Head - Hood of Focused Energy - Vaults/Will
Neck - Worldwaker Cachabon - Vaults/Will
Shoulder - Shadowsummoner Spaulders - Vaults/Spiritbinder
Back - Cape of Three Lanterns - Vaults/Stone Guard
Chest - Imperial Ghostbinder's Robes - Vaults/Feng
Wrists - Bracers of Inlaid Jade - Valor/August Celestials Revered
Hands - Undying Shadow Grips - Vaults/Spirit Kings
Waist - Orbital Belt - Vaults/Elegon
Legs - Jade Dust Leggings - Vaults/Stone Guard
Feet - Sandals of the Severed Soul - Vaults/Spiritbinder
Finger 1 - Circuit of the Frail Soul - Vaults/Spiritbinder
Finger 2 - Feng's Ring of Dreams - Vaults/Feng
Trinket 1 - Relic of Yu'lon - Darkmoon Card
Trinket 2 - Light of the Cosmos - Vaults/Elegon
Main Hand - Torch of the Celestial Spark - Vaults/Elegon
Off Hand - Fan of Fiery Winds - Vaults/Feng


Head - Guardian Serpent Hood - Tier
Neck - Korven's Amber-Sealed Beetle - Heart of Fear/Wind Lord
Shoulder - Shoulderpads of Twisted Fate - Terrace/Tsulong
Back - Cloak of Overwhelming Corruption - Terrace/Protectors
Chest - Guardian Serpent Raiment - Tier
Wrist - Cuffs of the Corrupted Waters - Terrace/Protectors
Hands - Guardian Serpent Gloves - Tier
Waist - Belt of Malleable Amber - Heart of Fear/Amber-Shaper
Legs - Guardian Serpent Leggings - Tier
Feet - Boots of the Blowing Wind - Heart of Fear/Blade Lord
Finger 1 - Watersoul Signet - Terrace/Protectors
Finger 2 - Fragment of Fear Made Flesh - Heart of Fear/Imperial Vizier
Trinket 1 - Light of the Cosmos - Vaults/Elegon
Trinket 2 - Essence of Terror - Terrace/Sha of Fear
Main Hand - Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm - Heart of Fear/Grand Empress(Using Staff instead)
Off Hand - Tornado-Summoning Censer - Heart of Fear/Blade Lord

Stat Weights:

Intellect-->Hit to cap(5100)-->Haste to cap(8085)-->Crit-->Mastery

Int = 1 Hit/Spirit, Haste, and Crit = .430 Mastery =.407

Due to reforging I will always have hit and haste at cap, therefore making those stats essentially equal to the next best one, in this case crit.

*Early on, the haste cap is incredibly difficult to hit, so haste is the best stat by far.*

Tier Set Bonuses:

- Two-piece set bonus: Increases the critical strike chance of your Shadow Word: Pain spell by 10%.

On 1 and 2-target fights, sw:p will average out to be about 15-20% of my damage, and more apparitions will spawn, so ~2.5% damage increase.

More multi-dotting = Larger Increase.

- Four-piece set bonus: Increases the duration of your Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch spells by 3 sec.

On 1 and 2-target fights, ~3.5% damage increase.

More multi-dotting = Larger Increase.
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