Antorus - Week 1 - 9/11 M

By Dpsonroids on Dec. 13, 2017, 10:58 p.m.

After our performance in Tomb of Sargeras, specifically on Kil'Jaeden, we took a long, hard look at ways to improve heading into our Sophomore tier as a reformed, lighter-scheduled guild. While ToS was a respectable finish for our first real progression race, most of us were unsatisfied and hungry to do better in the next raid cycle. Improvements don't happen overnight and it's especially hard to make any sweeping changes mid-tier, so we shored up the weak spots on our roster by aggressively recruiting in the off-season and we were fortunate to pick up several promising recruits who have been owning with us ever since. We also didn't like conforming to our strict 3 day schedule. It made it very hard to get any real work done when Heroic clears were still relevant to gearing up for progression. We decided to be a more flexible guild with our raiding schedule and take advantage of people's desire to raid more while the content is fresh and everyone is excited to kill new bosses by day raiding Mythic Tuesday and adding a 4th day occasionally to our raid week (capped at 3 extra total, if even that).

For Mythic Tuesday, we started an hour after servers opened up at 8/11 am est and made very short work of Garothi Worldbreaker, Felhounds, High Command, Portal Keeper, and Eonar before heading off to clear 2 Heroic splits for gear. Once Heroic splits concluded we called it a day after finishing off Imonar.

Day raiding Mythic Tuesday was an extremely fun time and I think it was a huge success for us as a guild and something that we will likely continue doing in the future. We all took preparation and research a lot more seriously and the discipline noticeably paid off on the first 5 bosses of the instance, which we crushed. We stumbled a bit on Imonar which definitely took a lot longer to kill than we would have liked, but can mostly be attributed to fatigue from doing Heroic splits before and simply just raiding all day. Despite that, we were very happy with our performance overall.

Kin'garoth was our next test and the first serious challenge of the tier, but we did a very impressive job downing this boss in about 4 and a half hours of pulls. Personally, it was one of my favorite bosses ever in WoW and it was extremely fun to work on this one as a team. We made quick, intelligent strat iterations and had very few personal mistakes throughout our learning which resulted in a quick kill. After that, we struggled with Varimathras a bit and we didn't play up to our potential to execute the simple mechanics that the fight presented. Although we didn't get the job done the night before and left raid without the W, we made short work of it and killed it in a few pulls on our next raid night. After our quick Vari kill, we ended up having enough time left to take down Shivarra Coven, or so I heard, since all of our Melee fucked off out of the raid and sat on the sidelines. Our stacked comp allowed us to kill all 24 of their stupid arms on the 20th pull to cap off our last raid night of the reset.

Overall, we're super proud with how we prepared and executed our first Mythic week, killing everything we should have been able to kill with the amount of time we had. Hungry AF to finish off the rest of the instance over the next few weeks to close this expansion out with a bang. More to come soon!

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