Argus dead to close out Legion!

By Dpsonroids on Jan. 24, 2018, 12:26 p.m.

After a little over 200 pulls, we were the 9th NA guild to kill this big idiot off and it happened with minimal struggle or any missed opportunities which was pretty rad. Our progression this entire tier was choke-free and there wasn’t really a raid night at all where we shit the bed and failed to meet our own expectations and goals. I’m confident we can continue seeing this level of success in the future because we have a roster full of people that are passionate about solving the puzzle together and coming to raid prepared. :FeelsGoodMan:

Not much stood out on Argus progression, just a solid two weeks of taking care of business. One thing worth mentioning, is I think we did a real impressive job mining out as much value outside of raid time as we could. Our comp/slotting decisions and strat iterations were very successful and they came into play at the appropriate times: big shout out here to the leadership and other proactive contributors, the selfless team first attitude displayed by several people who got yanked around throughout this boss, and everyone else who showed up to raid completely up to date with whatever changes we decided to make before our next raid. The hunger never died and it paid off.

After only 8 months since hanging up the hardcore mantle and scavenging the pieces for a more casual/sustainable raiding model for the guild to carry on can finally let out a sigh of relief because it’s been a hell of a ride. Now that the final tier has concluded, I’d say the result speaks for itself…but more importantly the journey along the way has been incredibly fulfilling. Excited to carry on into BfA with this squad. To any fans/guildies along the way: HUGE thanks for all the support over the years! This wouldn’t be possible without that…and for any of the haters, we appreciate you too for the extra motivation! (but you’re insecure and kinda shit <3)

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