Gul'dan down - finished NH business

By Dpsonroids on April 26, 2017, 6:19 p.m.

And with that our 3 night schedule turns into a 1! We've spent the past couple months rebuilding and with a strong mix of seasoned guild veterans and promising fresh new blood we have assembled a powerhouse roster able to fulfill our mission of low hour/high success raiding, no seriously, this might be the most skill-dense MW team I've personally ever been apart of. After falling apart near the finish line, a few dormant months and 5 resets of re-gearing and re-learning later, we were finally able to finish up Mythic Nighthold and get the job done - continuing our long-standing streak of content clearing since Karazhan in TBC. Sometimes we may be down, but never count us out :). We now have a very promising and bright future ahead of us and we're very excited to see how far this ol' machine can run during ToS progression and beyond under our new limited schedule. Here's to low burnout, low turnover, balanced life competitive raiding!

If interested in applying, be aware that our roster is currently skill-stacked to the ceiling and can no longer entertain trialing your above average WoW player. If you feel that you are a world-class, exceptional player then we may be able to move some pieces around to accommodate you. Basically only recruiting paragons of WoW at this time.

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