Hellfire Citadel World 25th / US 4th

By Kaowa on Aug. 13, 2015, 4:29 p.m.

The true meaning of a high rank in the progression race is a function of both the quality of the challenge presented by the raid encounter, as well as the quality and motivation of the participants seeking it.

Looking at the quality of the challenge this tier, Hellfire Citadel has proven to be the most challenging instance the game has ever seen. Even ignoring the fact that raiding itself has never been more sophisticated (ptr/prep, log analysis, split runs, addons/weakauras), the pull counts from this tier dwarf those of the past.

As for the quality of the participants, despite a seemingly overwhelming challenge, the rate of Archimonde kills has still managed to outpace even the likes of Ragnaros.

With all of this in mind, it's safe to conclude that the accomplishments of all the guilds raiding this tier are more meaningful than ever -- congratulations to all.

As for Midwinter's experiences this tier, while we're understandably disappointed with the end result, we are still very proud of our finish to what will ultimately go down as a historic tier. And, although it's human to want to chalk up our performance to extenuating circumstances, the reality is that all the unique challenges we faced as a guild are things that we could have better anticipated. So, the silver lining for us, as was with Highmaul before Blackrock Foundry, is that we have a renewed hunger to improve for 7.0.

Thank you, to all of the raiders this tier. I will forever cherish the memories and memes we have created together. Special thanks, as always, to Fusoya. Fus, I'm sorry we killed the boss so early in the week -- people won't get to experience the horror that our bank would have become while you're on vacation.

Alright, #Legion, let's do this.

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