Jaina is no more!

By Turkey on April 6, 2019, 2:01 a.m.

Been a while since an update but in the down time we have completed a lot! Blizzcon was a ton of fun with over 15+ members or previous member of Midwinter attending and we stayed at (what I would call) our best house yet. Two months ago, we completed the Battle of Dazar’alor with a US 11th/ World 46th ranking. While we fell short of where we would have liked to land, the tier gave us a lot to think about and a list of things to improve upon.

We have also transferred to Area-52 within the past week. After the swap to horde we knew a server transfer was more than likely coming and A52 was the home we decided on due to its population and ease of sales without being overly clustered. Sargeras was an awesome home for around 7 years for us and it will always hold a place in our hearts. Thanks to everyone who supported us on Sargeras! We wouldn’t have been able to achieve the ranks we did without you.

In about two weeks, the Crucible of Storms launches and whether it will be a quick and easy two boss raid or a head smasher like Helya is hard to say (no thanks to little PTR testing) but one thing is for sure is that we will be in there giving it what we got.

See you then and let’s do this!

(Bonus Blizzcon pic: https://twitter.com/Midwinter_WoW/status/1058613061311848448)

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