Recruiting For a New Era

By Dpsonroids on Feb. 15, 2017, 3:07 p.m.

First I would like to congratulate the members, leadership, and anyone who was a part of the guild's success over the last few years. You guys earned every bit of your destiny whether you're logging off into the sunset, heading to grindier pastures, or deciding whether you would like to go on this crazy adventure together. Myself, and I'm sure, several other ghosts of Midwinter's past would say that we couldn't be more proud of everything that has been accomplished.

Now that he dust has settled somewhat...we would like to announce the current plans of entering into a more relaxed phase of the guild's life. Our goal is to bring together a team of players comprising of old Midwinter alumni and fresh faces that want to play at a high level but in a schedule that is reasonable for the working class and the weekend party class. There will be zero expectations of alt play or chores outside of raid. Our primary objective will be to have fun--but, we have the most fun playing this game competitively and striving to do the content as fast as our schedule allows us to. Historically we have seen great success with a 5 day 20 hour a week schedule, achieving kills and finishing tiers as high as US 5th. We feel that this approach is too middle of the road in today's era of raiding and believe that we can attract top talent that can no longer offer the time investment demanded by the top guilds of today.

So without further delay, we will be recruiting ALL CLASSES AND ROLES for the following raiding model:
Raid Times: 3 days a week Tuesday through Thursday 9 pm EST - 1 am EST (We will potentially extend an hour on raids when close to a kill but no more than that.)

No split runs, no alts, no ap or dungeon grinding expected. We expect people to be selfless towards the guild's needs and we pledge that the guild will have no expectations of any hidden obligations to fulfil.
When will this start? Recruiting and preparing begins now. We are aiming to be ready for our first official raid on March 7th, if interested head into the forum section to apply.
...and to close with Kaowa's favorite trademark:


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