Ra-den dead, tier complete, world 4th!

By Gondlem on April 22, 2013, 1:20 p.m.

Another boss down, and another peak for Midwinter. We've finished the tier world 4th in 25 man, beating our Lei Shen mark by one. Overall this wasn't the most exciting boss, limited attempts tension aside. We got it in just 45 pulls, and while there are some interesting mechanics in there you can avoid most of them with the right strat, which leaves you with a Patchwerk-style gear check and not too much else. Still, this has been a truly fantastic tier. In the view of most Midwinter raiders its the best since Ulduar, and a strong contender for the best ever. Ra-den is an okay boss that shouldn't have been the final hurdle in such a great raid zone, and would have been much better as a side boss, say after Heroic Primordius instead of Heroic Lei Shen. That one blemish aside, we've had a great time and reached new heights as a guild yet again.

I'd like to offer sincere thanks and congratulations to all our raiding members. It's not just the final comp that killed Lei Shen or Ra-den; every person who was part of the earlier kills, sat on the bench when needed, contributed to strat discussions, ground out those grueling PTR raids and everything else in between has been crucial to our success. It was truly a pleasure to play with such a great raid team yet again.

To everyone who watched our streams and videos and cheered us on, thank you as well. Stay tuned, we're aiming even higher next tier. Recruiting for Siege of Orgrimmar! See you then.

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