By Euph on Oct. 18, 2018, 7:41 p.m.

After 135 Ghuun pulls we finished off the first tier of BFA at US 10th! This was an awesome tier and we’re hopeful for more Fetid’s and Ghuun’s (although our warlocks might disagree) in the future. Our goal has always been to play the best WoW we’re capable of and we saw some that with our early kills (US 4th Fetid, Helya!) and we hope to continue to see that level of success and improve as the tiers roll out. That being said, we’re really proud of how everyone performed. It was great seeing how engaged our roster was with strats and making small pull-to-pull improvements from day 1.

There were some great bosses this tier – Mother and the extra day-1 beam mechanic (R.I.P.), Zek’Voz with our fine-tuned CC kick order, Fetid, and of course the Warlock killer (G’Huun). It’s been a long time since Blizzard released a boss that required the entire raid to be personally accountable for the mechanics and was a great example of a boss where we just needed some good ole’ fashioned “mistake free gaming” to win.

After months of farm it felt really good to finally shake off the rust and we’re getting ready for the future. If there are any people out there who think they can come and own, feel free to throw in an app. To the MW fans/guildies cheering us on, LOVE YA GUYS; we can’t thank y’all enough. To the rivals we picked up this tier (and the overtime police): catch us at BlizzCon so we can take shots, drink a few cold ones, and do a couple shoeys. KKONA BROTHER, HANG LOOSE, YEEEEE HAW!

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