US 2nd/World 5th Lei Shen!

By Dpsonroids on April 11, 2013, 8:17 p.m.

Lei Shen joins the club as one of the hardest bosses Midwinter has ever overcome alongside the likes of Yogg 0, Lich King, and Ragnaros. It will remain as the most satisfying boss kill most of us have ever been a part of for what we accomplished so far this tier. As with most hard bosses, the fight featured several unique, mechanically intensive phases with an end phase that featured a tight DPS check with extremely unforgiving mechanics. Our kill ranks as 1st amongst Alliance, 2nd in the US, and 5th in the World and signals our steady and consistent improvement, tier after tier, since the formation of the guild in Karazhan. Throne of Thunder in itself has been one of the best tiers Blizzard has ever developed so far with several unforgettable fights like Council of Elders, Durumu, Dark Aniumus, and of course Lei Shen. A very unique, well tuned, and surprisingly bug-free experience.
I am extremely proud of all our raiders in so many ways: for all the hard hours and work we put in inside and outside our raiding hours, for the many examples of selfless attitudes and personal sacrifice that so many of us displayed while working towards our goal which culminated in our strongest finish yet of the non-limited attempt bosses. Special thanks to the several people who stepped up to fill the void left with the retirement of our healing officer and our former GM post tier-14 proving how resilient we are once again. We are finally back to normal raiding hours as we head to Ra-den for what's for sure to be another exciting fight and a cherry on the top!
If you think you would be a great part of our team for the next tier of progression and would like to play in one of the best competitive raiding environments in the US (Don't believe me? Watch our streams and decide for yourself) then feel free to apply to us! We are interested in hearing from everyone! See you next time.

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