We're goin Horde!

By Dpsonroids on Jan. 24, 2018, 3:05 p.m.

Have some exciting news to share: our Guild will soon be moving over to Horde! While the Alliance fan boy in me is a little sad, it's hard to argue against the logic behind such a move. The main factor involved behind this decision would be the dwindling Alliance population among the more competitive player base, which is especially beneficial when activity within the guild has died down a bit which is pretty standard during the downtime between expansions. We will be remaining on the Sargeras server for the time being. It's possible we may decide to rock the Blue again before BfA is launched if Blizzard makes Alliance more appealing leading up to the new expansion, but the current faction imbalance has become too hard to ignore, even for us, and we will embrace the new look for the foreseeable future. See ya boys on the other side!

(Yes, the screenshot is a joke, aside from all the blood elves. We'll be keeping our name. :D)

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