Xavius Down - World 11th, US 2nd, Sargeras 1st

By Kaowa on Oct. 1, 2016, 8:22 p.m.

On to The Nighthold.

While the tier was ultimately a let down from the standpoint that the race never really got off the ground, we were very pleased with our performance in The Emerald Nightmare, especially given our reduced raid schedule this tier as well as not having raided in a progression fashion for over a year. If this tier is any bellwether of things to come, I expect great things from this guild come Nighthold.

Congrats to Limit on US 1st. Hopefully we can enjoy a better/longer race next tier. Even bigger congratulations to Exorsus for humbling every raiding guild around the world.

Stay tenacious,

p.s. SNF, please settle down next tier. It would look really bad if we lost server first.

p.p.s Hi, Euph.

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